Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter Training and Musings

Winter Training

I've only had to ride inside this winter four times. And each time I hated it!!! But luckily this winter has been cold but not too much snow. Even when we get snow, it tends to melt pretty quickly. Not been on the mountain bike too much, but out on the road bike a bunch. Really don't trust the cars on the roads. At least when I'm in the woods, the trees can't veer at me as they are texting.

Really did enjoy the winter mountain biking though. Frozen trails, snow, and not another person on the trails but me. Highlights of the winter riding: riding in the teens with 40 mph winds, could barely coast downhill with the headwind; riding in the unique quiet of snow covered trails; getting caught at night, temperature in the teens, and my pump breaks after replacing a punctured tube - it was a looong walk out.

*edit - after having three flats in a week, I decided to give tubeless a try. The front wheel didn't seal up well the first time, but got it to work after doing the "shake" thing. So far so good on the tubeless, the ride feels a little softer, the traction is even better, and no flats yet. Still tweaking the right psi. Right now I'm 30 in front and 31 in rear. I think I can go a little lower.

Tentative race schedule for the spring:

April 13 - wvmba 2 at Mountwood (I don't really like to drive that far but the trails are really good and I'll be itching to race by then)
April 20 - wvmba 3 at Big Bear (my favorite trails in the series, it will be nice to race it this year on the new bike, and hopefully with both brakes, lol)
May 11 - wvmba 4 at Henry Clay (this was a blast last year, very rocky, and I was exhausted by the end. now that I know what to expect I hope to finish much stronger)
May 25 - wvmba 6 at White Oak (never did this one, hope it's a good one)
June 1 - tentative race at Massanutten (will only do this one if I'm doing well in the overall series - also the Sarver race is usually around this time but not sure yet)
June 7-8 - 24 hours of Big Bear (was truly a blast last year, can not wait for this year)
June 22 - wvmba 9 at Blackwater (would like to do this one but far drive, see how I'm feeling by then)

Month of Mud series starts in September