Sunday, September 16, 2007

Month of Mud - Mammoth Park

4 laps 10 miles
9th place Masters - 53.09

The last two years I race in beginners, this year I've decided it's time to move up to Masters, now that I'm the ancient age of 45. Now I used to think Master's racers would be slower as they are older, but as I've found out from the spring races, that is NOT the case. They are just racers who are a little older. In fact when I looked at the MoM races from last year, the master racers were just as fast as the sport racers.

Missed Mountwood last year, so course was new to me. The course works it's way around a park. It weaves back upon itself then heads out into a field. Only one real hill, and it's placed right after two barriers.

I tried to take off with the pack, but was about midpack. Got through the first third of the course pretty well, actually passing guys on their cyclocrosses that couldn't take the turns as tight as the mountain bikes. Really didn't do well on the barriers, will have to practice that a bit more.

I did all four laps!! I did not get lapped therefore I did the entire race. I felt like I rode a real consistent race, I think all four lap times would've been very close time-wise. I feel like if I could get off the start line faster, I might be able to hold my place. But as it stands I tend to drop midpack very quickly.

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