Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lance's new training regimen

So how does Lance train for his comeback for the Tour de France? He races his mountainbike of course.

If you haven't seen this video of the Leadville 100, well, you should...

Leadville 100

That video makes me want to get out and try a 100 mile race. Then I realized my lack of genetic ability, my extra weight, and my lack of any real training may hold me back a bit.

Then I came across this video of Lance doing a recent 12 hour relay race...

12 Hours of Snowmass

I like the part where the one racer says he thought he could gap Lance a bit in the technical sections, but he wasn't able to. If you're like me, I figured that, sure Lance had the legs of a roadie, but could he really hang with the top guys in the dirt during the technical sections? Well, I guess he can.


  1. Look at Lance ripping it up on the downhills and the single track. Sweet!

    Seriously thinking about doing the next 100K at the Mohican 100 (that's 62 miles). Date is May 30th 2009; which means I need to start training in like a month ago. Think about it, give it some thought. If we are ready for that race just think how in shape we'll be for the WVMBA series.

  2. Yo, did you get my e mail? Sorry for the delay. My e mail is all ephed.

  3. Shred, a 100k may be much more doable for me than a 100 miler, in theory. That may be a really good goal for me to keep me motivated over the winter. Nothing worse than riding a trainer, bleh.